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Display of eco friendly sunglasses on a vintage display stand


red hand reaching for red glasses
red hand reaching for red glasses


Welcome to Doctor Oculus, the supplier of sustainable eyewear for the modern eye. Our unorthodox opticians in Central Birmingham offer a revolutionary approach to eye health and style, ditching the environmentally unsustainable big-brand glasses and lenses and promoting the manufacturing of high-quality, affordable, and truly eco-friendly eyewear.


Forget boring frames and generic lenses – we're all about crafting the perfect pair of glasses, tailored entirely to you. We are here to advocate affordable eyewear solutions that won’t cost the planet!

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Display of eco friendly sunglasses on a vintage display stand


Extend the life of your own glasses with new lenses. Designed to save you money and prevent plastic waste, this is best option for both the planet and your pocket.

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Give your glasses a new lease of life with a repair and refurbishment. Get a quote to see how we turn old worn out eyewear into gleaming new frames you'll love for years to come.


  • Uniting Eco-Conscious Individuals
    We take sustainability seriously. Our store runs on renewable energy, everything gets recycled, and our frames are made with Mother Nature in mind. We source high-quality frames made from eco-friendly materials like supply chain audited bio-acetate composed of wood and plant oils. These are as strong and beautiful as regular eyewear but biodegrade naturally without toxins, so your old frames won't damage the environment at the end of their life.
  • Style Meets Sustainability
    Our eco-friendly frames come in a range of styles and colours for non-conformists! We ignore the big names and source our glasses from independent designers, ensuring they're high-quality, long-lasting, and always stylish, whether you’re after classic styles or outrageous head-turning eyewear.
  • Re-Glazing To Give Your Old Specs a Second Life
    Breathe new life into your beloved (but slightly worse for wear) glasses with our re-lensing service. Unlike most opticians, we're happy to re-glaze your old spectacles and, because we don't charge you extra for the service, it's kinder to your wallet and the planet! Find Out More!
  • Metaform the Future
    Our Metaform prescription lenses are a radical change from generic lenses. Super strong, super comfortable, and super aesthetic. They come with a two-year damage and scratch warranty and are produced using less waste material, energy and water, making them the most sustainable plastic lens choice on the planet. Find Out More!
  • Bring Your Own Prescription
    Already had your prescription tested from another opticians? Perfect! We offer a glasses prescription fulfilment service that is open to absolutely everybody! Browse our catalogue of eco-conscious frames online before booking your personal styling and lens tailoring session at our unique glasses shop in Birmingham. You'll get first class advice from our expert dispensing optician paired with the worlds most advanced lenses, ensuring you enjoy the sharpest and most comfortable vision in your new sustainable glasses. Find Out More
  • Repair Don't Replace
    Our ethos is all about reducing waste. Our expert technicians can refurbish or repair your damaged glasses, saving you money and extending their lifespan. This service includes welding broken metal glasses, replacing broken glasses hinges, rejoining broken plastic glasses, deep cleaning, polishing and vintage frame refurbishment. We love a challenge! See What's Possible
  • Confidence Through Clarity
    There's a lot more to lens tailoring than meets the eye. We match you to the perfect lens design for your lifestyle and tailor it to perfect. Whether you need single-vision lenses, bifocals, varifocals, or occupational lenses, we'll help you find the perfect pair to boost your confidence and enhance your vision.
  • Expertly Designed, Just for You
    We take precise measurements and tailor your lenses to your specific needs, ensuring your sight is crystal clear and the glasses fit comfortably. You may have heard of the PD (Pupillary Distance) before now, which is an absolute bare minimum measurement used to make lenses and is not enough for the majority of prescriptions to ensure comfortable vision. Like all high end independent opticians, we measure a minimum of five different parameters before crafting your lenses which guarentees you the most clear and comfortable vision possible.
  • Can any glasses be re-lensed?
    Not all glasses can be re-lensed. Factors like frame condition, design complexity, size, material, and manufacturer recommendations determine suitability. Soemtimes you may need a repair or refurbishment before we can re-lens your frame. Give us a call, an email or arrange a visit and we'll be happy to give our assessment and guidance.
  • Can you re-lens glasses that another optician refused?
    Most opticians are reluctant to re-lens your current glasses and prefer to sell you a complete new pair. This is sometimes because they lack to confidence or skill to handle frames that are already worn and they don't want to risk breaking your glasses during fitting. Other times they will charge you a fee of anything up to £90 on top of your lenses to mitigate their perceived risk of handling. We won't charge you any more than the cost of your lenses to re-lens your glasses unless you decide to have your frame refurbished at the same time.
  • How long does the process take?
    Doctor Oculus’ re-lensing process usually takes between 7 and 10 working days. The lenses we use are of the same quality you would find in a top independent optician only without the high price tag. The extra time ensures your glasses are glazed to a very high standard to provide you with the most comfortable vision for the lifetime of your glasses. We maintain strict quality control which means that sometimes delays can occur - we'll keep you up to date and informed every step of the way.
  • Can I re-lens my glasses online?
    Our lenses are designed to give you the most comfortable and natural vision and require a consultation and measurements that can only be done in-store by a qualified professional. We are located in the vibrant Digbeth, a short walk from Birmingham’s iconic Bullring shopping centre, with many transportation links and parking facilities for you to reach us. Delivering your frames to us in person will eradicate the risk of them getting lost or damaged in transportation and ensure you receive the best comfort and vision from our five star rated service.
  • Can sunglasses be re-lensed?
    Yes, we can replace tinted and polarised sunglasses, including custom colours and mirrors to transform any glasses into prescription sunglasses. These can be fitted with single vision, varifocal or any other lens type you need.
  • Do I need to provide my prescription?
    Yes, you need to provide a prescription less than two years old to ensure a precise lens replacement that matches your vision and gives you value for money for the lifetime of your re-lenses glasses or sunglasses.
  • Is re-lensing convenient?
    Re-lensing your glasses can be a more convenient option than buying a new pair as you do not need to browse and select new frames or repeat the fitting process. After we have taken measurements and tailored your new lenses, you are free to take your glasses away while you wait for the lenses to be manufactured. We'll send you a message when they're ready and we'll swap the lenses over at a time convenient for you.
  • Can I change the type of lens I'm wearing?
    Absolutely! Re-lensing glasses gives you more freedom and versatility in your eyewear choices. You can switch out lenses to suit different activities or lighting conditions, such as prescription sunglasses or computer lenses. Re-lensing is a great option to reduce costs for when you need to make the transition from single vision to varifocal.
  • I've had my glasses a long time, are they still suitable?
    If the frame is showing it's age then we'd be happy to refurbish it to bring back it's strength and shine before fitting your new lenses - infact, that is one of our specialisms! If you have a particular pair of glasses that you are well suited to, then re-lensing them can allow you to maintain that comfort and fit.
  • Is re-lensing environmentally sustainable?
    All re-lensed spectacles can be fitted with our most sustainable lens design by Metaform. This lens type uses significantly less water and energy compared to traditional manufacturing and is available for every lens type from readers to varifocals and everything inbetween. We even have a range of more affordable lenses that are cast and manufactured locally to further reduce impact from transportation. Just by re-lensing your glasses instead of buying a new pair, you make a more sustainable choice, which can help reduce waste and support environmentally friendly practices. You're preventing more unwanted eyewear being discarded into landfill.

Visit Our Eco-Friendly Eye Specialist in Birmingham Today

Whether you are a full-time specs wearer or just use your glasses occasionally,  you deserve thoughtfully made, high-quality eyewear. We are your partner in tailoring glasses that complement your style and elevate your vision. With Doctor Oculus, you can see the world clearly and feel confident while doing your bit for the Earth and independent businesses. If you’re in need of new glasses in Birmingham, a refurbishment of an old pair, or simply looking to upgrade your lenses, book your consultation online today!


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