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Our ethos is clear: to do the best for your vision and for our planet. This is why we have curated a range of lenses that we are able to tailor to help us acheive both.

Each of our lenses come with anti-refection and hard coatings as standard with our Metaform range also benefiting you with more sustainable production and a two-year replacement warranty against damage and scratches.




Excludes Clarity and Vari Classic


Single Vision

CLARITY // £70

Traditionally made lens with a quality anti-reflection and hard coatings.

It's guaranteed for two years against coating defects and is great for small prescriptions and people who need affordable quality.


A more sustainable Metaform design that includes everything listed with the Clarity lens.

Designed to reduce eye fatigue, improve clarity of vision and reduce distortions that degrade vision towards the edges of the lens, the Smart Relax is great for medium prescriptions and people who value lots of screen time.


A fully tailored Metaform lens designed from the data taken from your measurements and our lifestyle consultation.

This lens is our clearest, most comfortable and distortion free design and is fantastic for people with strong prescriptions who deserve the best performance across the entire lens surface.

CYBER LENS //  £232

Our most popular and requested Metaform lens for people who spend most of their day doing indoor tasks at various ranges like in offices, at a desk, hobbyists or meeting people.


The cyberlens is designed to give you a clear vision range of between 30cm to 4m and ensures you are as comfortable and focused at the end of the working day as you were at the start of it.



Varifocals are tailored lenses that need meticulous design to guarantee optimal functionality.
With the range of brands and price options, choosing the perfect pair may feel overwhelming.

It's our expertise to help guide you to the right design and our varifocals strike a fine balance between performance and value.

Varifocals, like any other kind of product, range from low to high cost and low to high quality, but our promise is that our range and precise tailoring will deliver clarity and comfort that not only meets your visual needs but exceeds them.
That is what sets us apart.
We guarentee you'll love our advanced varifocals. Try them risk free a month

VARI CLASSIC // £186-£298

Our Vari Classic is a traditionally made design for people who need an affordable entry into our varifocal lens range or a backup that they need to just do the job for occasional use.

VARI V1 // £328

We tailor the V1 to make it easy for you to switch from distance to close rang without head movements that become uncomfortable over the day.

This Metaform lens It's suited for lower prescriptions and people who like scrolling for hours on their phones.

VARI V2 // £384

A Metaform lens, ergonomically upgraded to excel in modern enivronments, the V2 will provide you with all day comfort and clear vision.

The first in our range to incorporate the unique postural differences of each person to ensure your vision is tailored for maximum benefit for your specific enviornment.

Best suited for medium range prescriptions and people who want comfortable vision when using their laptops or tablets.

VARI PRO //  £444

This award winning Metaform lens gives you the clearest vision at all distances.

Designed using artificial intelligience to provide the easiest adaptation period of any lens. It features easy switching between focus zones and, with the widest field of view, it provides the most natural vision possible through a varifocal.

Great for any age, prescription, or visual requirement, this is our most precise and personalised lens and is guarenteed to impress compared to your past varifocal experiences.

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